Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jumping to the other side

Last week we had a first training camp with Finnish junior NC-team. Everything went just fine and it´s an honour to coach these talents. Those guys were jumping really good and actually it was a big suprise for me how they all wanted to go straight to the biggest hill. Our next training camp takes place in Jyväskylä 14th of august. Before that I´ll fly to Central Europe with an international team. I got a chance to assist the Head coach during Summer Grand Prix in Hinterzarten, Oberstdorf and Einsiedeln. So I hope we can find some summer down there cause it seems to rain every day here in Finland. I´m just a bit worried cause I have some serious problems with my back at the time. I hope it´ll get better all the time and I can manage the tour.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Finally on rollerskis!

Like i told earlier, i haven´t train much lately. At the begining of this summer i had really good flow with training and i even reached the same regularity as last years, but soon i realised that i really don´t have enough time and enegry after working and coaching. So i decided to take some time off consciously. So last few weeks i have just trained occasionally and focus to work, coaching and taking a naps after Los Serranos...

Today it´s my last day at work and i naturaly have some more hours to train daily. I have quite full shedule during next weeks but i mostly do coaching and i have a good possibilities to do some sports. So now it´s just a matter of my personal motivation, how it goes? I don´t really take any pressure about it, but hopefully i´m brisk enough to get back to sporty lifestyle next weeks. That´ll make me feel better, sleep better and stand better in daily performing. i´m also not so interested to get fat u know and that´s one reason to light my fire again. During this week i have tried to adapt myself to rollerskiing and have been rolling around couple of times. I even made some kind of special exercise concerning the sprint event on rollerskis tomorrow. it´s mostly about having fun, but as a former sportsman i still have that desire to succeed.

There´s also 10 kilometers jogging contest later tomorrow afternoon, but i´m insecure to appear on the start line, because i´ve been suffering some injuries lately. There´s a small burden defect in my left (3 times operated) knee and also some pain and swelling in my right foot sole. The new sole is ordered...

Well, we´ll see tomorrow if i´m capable to run, but in any case i´ll be racing on rollerskis under tomorrows downpour in Joutsa! In spide of my physical or psychic condition tomorrow, there will be the best afterski of the year!

So ,i´ll get back next week with a some kind of report about this weekend...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, lets call it summer holiday from blogging! Long time without new blog entries, but now i´m back and going to keep it up! Lately i have been working and finishing my studies, well mostly working... I´ve also took some time to relax at the lake and in the night life ;)I haven´t found any interest to train yet, but i think i can find some motivation when i have more time and energy? Next weekend i´m going to compete in a sprint event on rollerskies and later at same day 10km running race. I haven´t ski at all this sammer, so maybe i need to train ones before that?

It´s my last week as a trainee in IVK-tuote and after that i´ll take a 6 weeks off and focus some sport; partly as an athlete, but mostly as a coach. Next week there´s "mäkikarnevaalit" training camp for juniors in Vuokatti and i´ll be camping there with my own team, Finnish junior NC team. Week after that i´m going to drive to Lieksa where NC competition takes place at saturday 26th. Maybe i work there as a speaker, don´t know yet? But anyways it´ll be nice to see all the guys after a long time and maybe have some fun too!?

So, week after that Neste rally Finland is going to steel my weekend and straigt from there i´ll go back to Vuokatti to coach young XC-skiers for a few days. And no, it´s not all yet, because i´ve planned to enter Jyväskylä rock festival next weekend and week after that we´re about to have a training camp with a juniors in Jyväskylä. So what can i say, no free weekends at all, but a lot of fun and friends and stuff...

At the begining of september i´ll start working again and have a huge challenge as a so called product manager...looking forward to that!

See you soon and have a nice summer all of you!