Monday, December 31, 2007

The superday of a sports fan!

Today i spended 5 hours watching wintersport from TV! Started with XC-skiing in Prague, well the Finns did it just well and kept a nice chances in Tour De ski. Otherwise i think it´s kind of borring to watch that sprint skiing, cause i find myself from the facebook soon after the quarter finals... Afterwards i watched recording broadcast about Nordic Combined from Oberhof. Even if i didn´t see anything cause of the foggy weather, i was really impressed about a Few things. David Zauner was the winner of the jumping contest. I expected something like that from him, but i was still suprised of his superiorness, even he hadn´t the best day on the hard XC-track. I also rase my hat for guys who moved up to the podium from the way behind, impressing! Well, the Finns were crawling really badly this time. Don´t know the reason, but there was something wrong with the whole expression of the team. Fortunately there´s a few days time to train before Schonach and i´m sure this was just a bad day and they´re shining again in next competitions. However Anssi did it just fine after all that illness! Waiting for the same kind of Bearing movement like skijumpers just did in Oberstdorf! It was a considerable battle in the white circus today! The Flying Finns were almost like a reborn after the Christmas holiday. Keep it like that dudes!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blogin juurella

Tässä sitä seisotaan, suuren ja mahtavan blogin juurella ja ihastellaan, mietitään mitä siihen uskaltaisi kirjoittaa? Nyt kun nartsistiset kotisivut ovat vain muisto omasta yksinkertaisuudesta, on aika siirtyä neliskulmaisista pyöreisiin renkaisiin ja avata oma blogi, johon voi avautua omalla nimellä ja seisoa kaiken kirjoittamansa takana. Ajattelin ainakin nyt aluksi kirjoittaa sattumanvaraisesti sekä suomeksi että mm. Tommi Mäkisen suosimaksi "rallienglanniksi". Mikäs sen hauskempaa, kun turakainen kirjoittaa:

"jees ai hädö verikuud skiis todaypat ai still häv sam teknikal proplems vit mai inranposition änd aim nat sädisfait apaut mai reis tudei..."

Tämä blogi ei ole keskittynyt yksinomaan henkilökohtaiseen surkuhupaisaan urheilu-uraani, vaan aion kirjoittaa myös kohtalotovereistani sekä siitä mitenkä hyviä biisejä Hynynen on vuosien varrella tehnyt. Mikäli joskus tunnen tarvetta kommentoida jotain ajankohtaista asiaa, saatan pahimmillaan näin tehdä? Jos sinulla on mielessäsi jotain, mitä haluaisit tässä blogissa käsiteltävän, lähetä sähköpostia tai starttaa oma blogi ja käsittele itse. Kannattaa myös äänestää viikottain vaihtuvassa kysymysosiossani. Tiedä vaikka joskus keksin kysyä jotain kiinnostavaa.

Antoisia hetkiä Galaksit räjäyttävässä blogissani!

Summary about the 1st period

Well, the first period of worldcup is now done and the second one is taking place soon. Actually the second period starts today in Oberhof and i´m sitting home in the middle of the night and writing this shit. So things are not how they should be? --> Although i had a nice summer inVuokatti and the success during the summer gave me some expectations concerning this season. Ones again i couldn´t keep my good shape through the first period. Actually i lost it way before the season started. Somehow i lost the contact for jumping during the training camps on first snow. It caused a momentary lack of self-confidence and i had too much on my mind when i sat on the starting gate... Well, i did my best performances in the competitions besides to my training jumps. So i´m still capable to raise my level when it´s "ON". This time it was really close to move up, but as i know, the dude before me moved up and he had 8 points more... So if, and if and if...

Now after 5 days christmas holiday i started training again and looking forward to a next period of World cup B! Normally i have raised my level during the season, so i just keep training normally and focus my flexibility and fysical training. It seems to be a summer here in finland, so i don´t know is there any chance to real ski jumping these days? Next weekend i´ll try to find some snow and have a short training camp including a lot of jumping and stretching. I hope i can still compete in World cup A during this season!

Next days i´ll just training, watching wintersport from TV and celebrate the New year!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Finally i desided to change my square weels to a roun ones. Several years ago Kathi was working with my website. Thanks to my irresponsibility i lost the domain, cause i forgot to pay the bill ;) So now it seems to be cool to have an own blog in the internet and i finally had some time to start my own blog. I´m looking forward to update my blog during the season and share my experiences and feeligs with you.

If you have any good ideas for me to write about, feel free to mail me and make a request. And don´t forget to vote in my blog. I´ll ask you something new every week! I´m also trying to develop the outfit and content of my blog all the time, so i hope you have some patience about my bad "rally"english and a poor content of my blog. I´ll work my ass off about it...