Saturday, December 29, 2007


Finally i desided to change my square weels to a roun ones. Several years ago Kathi was working with my website. Thanks to my irresponsibility i lost the domain, cause i forgot to pay the bill ;) So now it seems to be cool to have an own blog in the internet and i finally had some time to start my own blog. I´m looking forward to update my blog during the season and share my experiences and feeligs with you.

If you have any good ideas for me to write about, feel free to mail me and make a request. And don´t forget to vote in my blog. I´ll ask you something new every week! I´m also trying to develop the outfit and content of my blog all the time, so i hope you have some patience about my bad "rally"english and a poor content of my blog. I´ll work my ass off about it...

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