Monday, December 31, 2007

The superday of a sports fan!

Today i spended 5 hours watching wintersport from TV! Started with XC-skiing in Prague, well the Finns did it just well and kept a nice chances in Tour De ski. Otherwise i think it´s kind of borring to watch that sprint skiing, cause i find myself from the facebook soon after the quarter finals... Afterwards i watched recording broadcast about Nordic Combined from Oberhof. Even if i didn´t see anything cause of the foggy weather, i was really impressed about a Few things. David Zauner was the winner of the jumping contest. I expected something like that from him, but i was still suprised of his superiorness, even he hadn´t the best day on the hard XC-track. I also rase my hat for guys who moved up to the podium from the way behind, impressing! Well, the Finns were crawling really badly this time. Don´t know the reason, but there was something wrong with the whole expression of the team. Fortunately there´s a few days time to train before Schonach and i´m sure this was just a bad day and they´re shining again in next competitions. However Anssi did it just fine after all that illness! Waiting for the same kind of Bearing movement like skijumpers just did in Oberstdorf! It was a considerable battle in the white circus today! The Flying Finns were almost like a reborn after the Christmas holiday. Keep it like that dudes!

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