Monday, August 4, 2008

When organism said no...

Just lying here at home and trying to get in shape again. I took part to that sprint even in rollerskiing in Joutsa 3 weeks ago. It went just well and I got a 3rd place! At the afternoon when running contest took place I felt something strange in my back. I ignored my back pain and started to that 10km running. I finnished and it wasn´t so bad race for me. Anyway afterwords I had a serious back damage and it took almost 2 weeks to recover from that. Just before Summer Grand Prix I could move normally again and had a nice time in SGP! It was interesting to see the other side of the professional sports as a assist coach of the Finnish NC-team. To be honest I could get use to it. I still think that I have to take another challenge first and start working in a company soon. Maybe later I want to get back to a professional coaching. Untill that I´ll work eith a juniors and if needed I´m ready to help in A-team as well. In SGP it was just awesome cause of the lot of sun and a lot of nice people. Our athletes succeed also very well and that was one of the best summer tours for the Finns. All of our 3 athletes were in a top 3 in some part of the competitions. Anssi was ones 3th and twice 4th and 2dn in the overalls. Also Jaakko made a great effort in Oberstdof with his 2nd place. Finns also won all of the qualifications!

Now I´m suffering sore throat at home and looking forward to next weekend when Jyväskylärock take place here in Jyväskylä. We´ll also make a new songs with Ville during next weekend. It´s nice to collect all the old UA members to make some new stuff, or should I say Järkevät miehet... I just hope that I´ll get better before next weekend? I think that last 3 weeks have been bit too stressfull and hectic for my organism and that´s why I got sick? Now I´m going to take some time off and relax before I start working again.

ps. The pic is from the top of the Nebelhorn at 2224m

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