Friday, February 8, 2008


Hello! It´s been a while when i wrote here las time. It´s just because i haven´t found so much motivation to write and i have also been a bit busy with myfinal project work and oncoming minarikuppi 2008. These days i´ve been training just a little bit jumping and skiing. It´s really difficult to find a desire to train cause my next NC competition seems to be in Finnish Championships at the end of march. before that i´ll take part to a few CrossCountry competition. Tomorrow i´ll ski in Kivijärvi and next weekend i have an honour to join in team Jyväskylä in the Relay between the providences of Central Finland. It´s a traditional event and i have been winning it several times. These days our team haven´t been so strong anymore, but i hope we can improve it this year. After that i´ll just focus to working and training. In the middle of march we´ll go to a "training camp" in Playa Del Ingles for a week. There we´ll put final touches to our shapes concerning Finnish Championships. ;) After a week in the last NC tour in north comes Minarikuppi and "Nousukuntosprint". Then my season is over! The second very bad season in row. Therefore i have to think very seriously about my future and where i should put my energy and money? But that comes later after the season.



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