Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interesting times

I´m waitin and waiting. At first i´m waiting competitions. I´ve been training few times every week just for the Finnish Chanpionships end of the March. Wednesday 26th there´s team sprint in Rovaniemi, 27th thursday there should be small hill championships in Taivalkoski and 29th and 30th friday and saturday sprint and individual in Ruka, Kuusamo. If that´s not enough there´s still large hill championships at sunday in Ruka. That´ll be hard week atleast for me, cause i haven´t compete in NC in two months! At this point it looks like my last battle in Nordic Combined? But i´l make my final decision later after the season. You can make it harder by sending me 20 000€. I´ll make an exact summary about my career later. I´ve been jumping last weekend and it looked just fine. Even if i haven´t train much my jumping is lot better than earlier this season and that´s weird. It looks that i shouldn´t train much to keep the flow. My organism is way too special to know how to make it work all season.

Tomorrow morning i´ll jump to a plane with a guys and we´ll take some time off in the Canary Islands! I´m looking forwand to that interesting holiday ;) After that there´s some plans to make demos for my solo project "Sakari Ström"? Hope we can make some stuff to put online.

I also liked to say something about Finnish Nordic Combined. As you saw it wasn´t so good season for the Finns. Only thing i know to pick up the glory is a big changes. Now it´s time to ventilate all the system and motivate the guys who are left after this season with a new figures. I prefer new innovative coaches and leadership in the organization. I would reorganize the budget by decreasing all the needless training camps and direct some resourges for the juniors systematic camping without their own financial risk. A-team could focus to train with their own coaches during summer and after that there should be an effective training period as a team. That way we even have a small chance to get some guys for the world cup in the 4 years period. We also need a big step forward in the mental training and taking care of our athletes thoroughly. Maybe i should put my papers in just for a signal of an alteration?

Well, it´s very interesting to see what happens during this fall? I hope there´s a lot to see! I also hope that our athletes can keep their motivation and desire to develop what ever happens around them. There´s a same kind of situation in ski jumping and it makes it double interesting!

Well, i´ll start to pack and try to catch the train to Helsinki. I´ll get back to you next week!


KummitusJuna said...

...and 30.000€ for the trainer - more after ski, less training - that's a promise! And one more thing; deep ventilation all a way down...PAM!

Schnatti said...

When I win the lottery, I give you donate € 50000 - promised ...!!!!

Schnatti said...

Can you please put it in English translation - as a summary ??.... look very nice ...
Greeting Schnatti