Monday, April 28, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Well, i´m sorry that i haven´t write in english earlier, but i have had a lot in my mind and not so good luck in some things... But now i´m back and glad to write something for the english friends (if there´s any left). During past weeks i have been trying to relax and have some fun ith my friends. I have also worked with my final project with thesis and last week i started my practical training in nice company called IVK-tuote. Now i have started training again and it feels really good. However i´m not going to jump anymore. It was a tough decision but i´m sure it´s a right one. Last two seasons have been just a nightmere for me and i have tried to focus more about my jumping. In concequence of that i started having some problems with my skiing also. So i wanted to try only XC-skiing now. I´m not going to place any goals, but i just want to gain some more force and muscels to ski and also some more rapidy to sprint. I don´t dream of international career, but we´ll see how it goes and i´ll just go with a flow with this. I also wanted focus more of cycling, but only as a training aspect. The most important thing now is to finish school and start working outside professional sports. I have some ideas in my mind about coaching and i think i´ll start coaching juniors and serve something from my long career for the juniors as well. The future will show us the things get in order? I also have some plans to make some music and i hope i can offer you people some of my own music during this summer?

I´ll get back to you soon!


schnatti said...

Hello, nice to hear from you. I do not speak English so well, but it is still better than Finnish. Well, I am in any case 10 years has been a fan of you. On your music, I am excited - we can perhaps have a hearing test. What you've done so far was certainly not bad.

Many greetings from Leipzig by Katrin

Christina said...

hei antti, i think that was the right decision but of course it´s very sad not to see you aymore at some NC competitions, but if you already have some other goals and plans for your future than i hope everything will going to be successful for you :)
don´t give up and i hope you have a great summer!
hugs from rovaniemi :)