Monday, January 14, 2008

Greetings from Mövenpick

Here i am in Hallbergmoos Münich airport. Killing time in hotel Mövenpick and waiting for wednesday to come. So i have two days to enjoy Swiss hospitality here and do some training and studying also. Came here at sunday evening after the world cup weekend in Val Di Fiemme and leaving to France at wednesday afternoon. There´s some world cup-B in Chaux-Neuve next weekend and i think it´ll be 3 competitions in row in there. I´m looking forward to that, cause last weekend in Predazzo was one of the worst weekends ever for me and i need to get up and kick some ass again. I´m not going to analyze those competitions in Val Di Fiemme any more, but i was way out of my league. Maybe i was a bit too enthusiastic to go there and got over charged thoroughly. I was tired and out of self-confidence all weekend. I don´t have a good training jumps enough to keep it together in that level. So now i´m just trying to focus next weekend and force my body to cooperation with me. It´s not easy after that kind of public humiliation. But do i have anything to lose anymore? No i don´t! So i just try to enjoy it and do my best. After next weekend we´ll see what happens? Maybe there´s some world cups coming for me if i can reach my own level and make a good weekend? Italy was so nice ones again. Food was delicious and i really enjoyed to be there after a while. It´s still my favourite country to visit after Japan. I know that Chaux-Neuve next weekend looks more like Russian...


Anonymous said...

Hey Antti, as you'll leave on Wednesday, so we're now still in the same city :p
About the world cups last week, I would just say, shit happens and life goes on. Just go on and give your best in France.
One question,what do you mean with Chaux-Neuve and Russian? *puzzled*

Antti Kuisma said...

Well, i just mean that the countryside of Chaux-Neuve is a bit like old fashioned. Decayed old buildings and so on... If i can shape it better, i would say it´s a traditional and culture historical resort... ;)