Saturday, January 26, 2008


I think the most of you know that i´m a big fan on Kotiteollisuus band. Now i would like to open slightly my musical chest and analyze my favourite songs of KT. For those who already likes the band i´ll share my thoughts about the songs and those who don´t, i´ll try to convert to listen even these songs and give them a chance to impress your life as well...

1. Yö päivää keinuttaa (Helvetistä itään 2003)

This song is the masterpiece. When i have a bad moments i use to play it loud and relax. And it works. Otherwise i just enjoy it and keep going with the big smile in my face. There´s a pompous culmination in the end! Rock on!

2. Kaihola (7 2005)

There´s a lot of good memories around this one. Some years ago we performed it in Hannu Manninens weddings as a male choir. Later that summer we made the same it in Urheiluruutu (sport news). These days it mostly makes me laugh and sing with.

3. Kuolemajärvi (Kummitusjuna EP 2007)

This song is the newest one from last summer. I loved it right at the beginning. The solid riff and upsetting melodies makes me goose fleshed every time. For now i´m temporarily overloaded about it, but it´s still one of the greatest songs in rock history (my opinion).

4. Raskas kantaa (7 2005)

It took some time to get this masterpiece. I didn´t have it at the beginning and i had to ask my friend to play it for me continually. Afterwards it´s been one of the most popular songs in my iTunes. It´s gloomy, crude and masculine but still mellow and beautifull at the same time. The best song for a hard training.

5. Tuomittu (Kuolleen kukan nimi 2002)

The legendary piece of work from the beginning of our relationship whit KT. There´s something extra profound in the lyrics. These lyrics have been the part of the final exam of senior high school. It´s some kind of citation for KT. I also like the lyrics and try to find different meaning for them. There´s nothing wrong with a sounds and melodies as well. Guaranteed quality from 2002.

6. Tuonelan koivut (Iankaikkinen 2007)

Tuonelan koivut is one of the cleanests and gentliests songs. It´s smooth and tasty, like blueberry shot. Hynynen really shows his inner sensitivity ;) Mind blowing instrumental in the end.

7. Viimeistä päivää (Tuonelan koivut CDS 2007)

This is the new one for me too. Found it recently and it´s a pure gold! If i have to say something negative about this, i prefer singing to screaming in the chorus. But the rest set it of and the end of the song is something very pleasant, uuh...

8. Satu peikoista (Kuolleen kukan nimi 2002)

A story about the trolls. This is the swansong of Kotiteollisuus. Poor goblins hand in hand, walks through the troubles. Beautifull story and incredible melodies. accrues to a symphony at the end... Hear the circular saw...

9. Kivireki (Iankaikkinen 2007)

Five years later Hynynen sings about divorcing. Sad and pathetical load in your face. Hynynen runs over you pulling the rock sleigh... Short but pithy nuclear explosion.

10. Meren mutaa (Kuolleen kukan nimi 2002)

This is my first love with Kotiteollisuus. The classic from the older production of the new KT. Rugged and straight cannon balling with nice rhythm course. Memories, memories...

11. Aamusta aamuun (Kummitusjuna EP 2007)

One of the new songs i adore. Really like the rhythm of the verse and a well-controlled chorus calms the entity after the violent pre-chorus. That´s how to keep it together dudes...

12. Rakastaa/ei rakasta (Kuolleen kukan nimi 2002)

Again from that spectacular album. A little bit different song beside the others. very straight riffs and interesting lyrics. One of my favourites indeed! The best music video in the world tells a story about Finnish social evening... :)

13. Jos sanon (Tomusta ja tuhkasta 2000)

I picked this one from the older album from 2000. I prefer later ones, but there´s some special songs for me in the older ones as well. This is my long term delight and it´s not because they are naked in the music video. Hynynen knows what he sings, i believe he an put out the sun.

14. Pullon henki (Iankaikkinen 2007)

Pullon henki is a song about the alcoholism. Very serious attitude to our national disease. Hynynens adventure in the endles labyrint of the booze. Makes me think about my own relationship with the spirit of the bottle...

15. +-0(+-0 CDS 2002)

This song reminds me about my last two years in Nordic-Combined...


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, good choices. As #16, I also recommend "Kaksonen" (Helvetistä itään) to every blog reader.

Ellu said...

Joo`o, hyviä valintoja, suostun olemaan samaa mieltä ehkä puolesta noista :)