Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend full of wintersport

Well, another "super-weekend" is over and this time i really had to arrange my shedule between Nordic-Combined, Four hills tournament, Tour de Ski and my own training, which was a bit rushed during this weekend cause of the Nice conditions to jump and ski here in Jyväskylä. So, early in the saturday morning we jumped in the small hill and had a break to watch some nordic combined. After that we jumped again before watching Tour De Ski and Ski Jumping. Finally at the evening i had some time to do some Cross-Country skiing. And the same repeated at sunday. I willingly had to pass some alpine skiing and biathlon, but i tried my bst to see some of them too. Now i feel i had enough sport experiences this weekend and it feels like a hang over to go to jumping hill tomorrow morning again. But it´s totally different to jump myself beside watching TV and feel melancholy.

This weekend was just fine for the Finns! Ahonen won the four hills tournament in the extremely difficult conditions and showed some Finnish guts for the others. So please get a cloak made of skin of ermine and put it to his shoulders! Hannu also proved that he´s back in business and ready to win next weekends. Janne Ryynänen returned to his own level of jumping and raced with a rage among the big guys, impressive! I also want to congratulate my good miniski friend Petter Tande for the amazing race today, impressive as well! Tour de ski turned for Swedish in the end but i really admire that pretty young lady Charlotte Kalla for her performances during the tour, specially today when she looked like superwoman climbing up that crazy uphill! Virpi Kuitunen had to give up and fight against her back pain instead of Kalla.

As i told earlier we jumped here in Jyväskylä too. The small hill was in the good shape and there was a loads of jumpers after a long time. Tomorrow we can open the beast (big hill) after a year and that´s just great, cause now we don´t have to travel anywhere this week before Going to Liberec at thursday. I hope we can jump couple of days in peace and make a good basis to next competitions. I have all my personal coaches here and we are working our asses off to make me jump like i can. I feel much more motivated right now when the conditions are in order and everything is up me and my work. I´m looking forward to next period and cannot wait to race again!

BTW, there´s a new question in right side- What´s your favourite music during exercise? I prefer Kotiteollisuus, allways!

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