Monday, January 7, 2008

Some new plans

It´s finally snowing here and we had to delay our jumping training. Seems that it´ll snow until tomorrow? So it could be that we´re not jumping until tomorrow, but we´re still trying to jump twice tomorrow and day after. This afternoon i´ll make a long recovering skiing. Yesterday i tested some speedy skiing and i can feel it in my body today. During the exercise i felt a bit tired in my muscles, but respiration was just fine and there was no problem with a lactates. I´ll still make some maximum speed training this week, but shorter ones just concentrating to speed elements.

It´s very important week for me cause i just got a chance to compete in World-cup A next weekend in Val Di Fiemme! So i pass at least Liberec in WCB. Next week we´ll decide the next events. Could be that i´m competing in Chaux-Neuve, cause i can take one extra start in there. After that it would be nice to continue in Worldcup-A? In any case it´ll be busy next weeks, hopefully the rest of the season. After last season it feels good to compete after all that blood and tears...

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