Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time out

Well, i´m finally home after a long time. Two weeks on tour just confirmed my opinion about the future. All i got from that journey was 4 points and a cool hugo Boss jacket. Nice jacket but it would be easier to get it some other way? I don´t really want to waste my valuable time to that kind of trips anymore. I decided to stay home for now and focus to something else. I want to train at home and put my energy to make a good training and work with my final project work in school. I´ll also complete some studies as well. I´ll take a time out with competing and have a final try to learn how to jump. I cold still compete in the last period if they´ll accept me in the team later. I also have to find a new expression to my jumping and start to enjoy it again. I´m sure that if i can train some weeks in good conditions with my personal coaches, i can reach the necessary form in jumping. After that i can compete again and just enjoy it! I really hope that i can still make a nice end to this season. Before that i just need to collect myself and work in peace through my own methods with no pressure. During next weeks i´ll compete only in Cross Country skiing except for Finnish Championships in ski jumping at 29th of January. It´ll take place here in Jyväskylä.

In Chaux Neuve i could not find a right inrun position and i also had some problems with a cross country skis. I did not finnish at saturday, cause i picked wrong pair of skis and they were just too slow to keep it togeher. At sunday i had a very good skis and after a long time it was nice to ski fast. I was still jumping really badly in the diffucult hill and conditions... the outcome: 28. dnf and 30. the same positions i had 15 years ago!!!

Waiting for the better times...

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